On this page, you can find more information about Mipro’s cookie policies and website terms of use.


When you visit Mipro’s website, the site stores technical cookies on your terminal device, which enables the functionality of the online service and enables us to provide you with better service. Mipro collects information about its website users through Matomo Analytics and cookies. Cookies allow, for example, the site to remember your preferred language selection on our site. In addition, if you specifically agree to the use of cookies for marketing development, we use cookies and device identification information and other similar technologies to collect information, for example, from the pages you visit.

A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on your terminal device. Cookies allow us to identify and count the different browsers that visit our website. Cookies do not move online by themselves, but are installed on the user’s device only with the site the user invites. Cookies are browser-specific. Tags do not harm the devices or files that you use and cookies cannot be used to spread malware.


Through the Matomo service, we collect general statistical information for the development of the service. Matomo generates a random identifier for the visitor. Matomo uses the identifier to combine information about how many times the visitor has visited the site before and the rough geographic location of the visitor. The last three bytes of the IP address collected and stored to determine location information are stripped, so we cannot identify you as an individual user based on the IP or location information stored. In addition, cookies are used to collect information about how and when our services are used. We also receive information such as the pages you have accessed, the pages you have browsed, the browser you are using and the operating system and version of your device. The data is stored in a system managed by Mipro Oy, which is accessible only to specifically designated persons.



Technical cookies enable our website to work properly, as they activate the basic functions of the website, such as navigation and language selection. We can also use the information collected through technical cookies to improve the customer experience, e.g. developing the site to suit different browsers and terminal devices. Technical cookies are necessary to implement the basic functionality of the website and therefore the website will not work properly without these cookies. By using our website you accept the use of technical cookies.

MARKETING targeting

If you have agreed to the use of cookies for marketing targeting, the information obtained from the tags may be combined with other information, for example, so that we can better target marketing to the marketing channels that visitors on our site visited before entering our site. You can disable the use of these cookies from your browser’s cookie settings. We may use our partners to target marketing and create target groups, in which case we guarantee through contractual arrangements that the partner will not use the cookie information collected through our website in its own operations or pass it on. We do not use cookie information for targeted marketing to individuals.


How long the tags stay on your device varies depending on the purpose for which the cookie is used. Cookies can either be valid for the duration of an individual visit or they can be stored for a longer period. You can also disable cookies in your browser settings at any time. We retain the information collected through the use of cookies for marketing development for a maximum of 12 months from the time the information is collected.


Mipro has a social media account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Links to these services can be found on our website. If you click on a social media link on the website that takes you to that service, the page will then have its own cookie and privacy policy for each service. If you accept cookies on Mipro’s website and go to a page where a YouTube video, for example, is embedded, a cookie associated with that service will be stored on your computer. Without it, you will not be able to watch the video. Mipro does not process data collected by third parties through cookies.


You can change your cookie selection at any time by deleting all cookies. The steps involved in deleting cookies depend on the browser you use. If you use more than one browser, be sure to delete cookies from all browsers. If you return to our website after deleting your cookies, you will be asked to accept the use of cookies for marketing development purposes again.

If you want to avoid the use of cookies completely, you can disable the use of cookies in your browser. In this case, you also prohibit the use of technical cookies, so please note that our website may not work properly if technical cookies are not accepted.


Cookies are not used to collect personal information that could be linked to an individual person. You can read more about processing of personal data and the rights related to your own data https://www.mipro.fi/en/media/Privacy-policy/.


Necessary cookies help make the website usable by allowing basic functions such as page navigation and access to secure areas of the site. The website will not function properly without these cookies. The following cookies are essential cookies:

moove_gdpr_popupUsed to detect if the visitor has accepted or rejected the marketing category in the cookie banner. This cookie is necessary for GDPR-compliance of the website.End of the current browsing session

Preference cookies allow the site to store information that changes the way the site behaves and looks, such as language choices.

LOGIN_INFOYouTubeThis cookie is used to play YouTube videos embedded on the website.From 6 months to 10 years.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYouTubeThis cookie is used as a unique identifier to track viewing of videos.6 kuukautta
YSCYouTubeYouTube is a Google owned platform for hosting and sharing videos. YouTube collects user data through videos embedded in websites, which is aggregated with profile data from other Google services in order to display targeted advertising to web visitors across a broad range of their own and other websites.End of browser session
_Secure-3PAPISIDYouTubeProfiles the interests of website visitors to serve relevant and personalised ads through retargeting.2 vuotta
_Secure-3PSIDYouTubeTargeting cookie. Used to profile the interests of website visitors and display relevant and personalised Google ads.2 vuotta
_Secure-3PSIDCCYouTubeTargeting cookie. Used to create a user profile and display relevant and personalised Google Ads to the user.2 vuotta
_Secure-3PSIDTSYouTubeTargeting cookie. Used to create a user profile and display relevant and personalised Google Ads to the user.2 vuotta

Statistical cookies help site owners understand how users interact with the people on the sites it serves, by collecting and reporting data anonymously. Statistical cookies include the following cookies

_pk_id#MatomoCollects statistics on the user’s visits to the website, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website and what pages have been read. Used by Matomo Analytics.1 vuosi
_pk_ses#MatomoUsed by Matomo Analytics to track page requests from the visitor during the session.1 vuosi



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