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Mipro – Four decades of pioneering safety


Since 1980, we have been involved in building a safer and better functioning society. We develop solutions to manage the safety of rail traffic, water and energy supply and industrial processes. These solutions ensure the functional safety of our customers, and hence the safety of public transport, environment, water supply and drinking water.

Numerous households use clean water produced through Mipro’s automation systems. The number of journeys controlled and monitored by Mipro’s rail traffic control systems raises to millions per year.


Mipro is specialised in railway and industrial systems. Our systems are used for safety management in railway and metro services and industry processes as well as for controlling processes in water and energy management. Our customers include Väylävirasto (The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency), Kaupunkiliikenne (Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd), Estonia Railways Ltd. and numerous water and energy supply companies.

Business lines

Rail traffic, water and energy

Over 40 years of

Highest level of safety solutions for railway and water and energy sector


Durable and environmentally friendly processes


Mikkeli, Espoo, Oulu and Tallinn


150+ employees and growing


When Mipro was established in 1980 under the name Mikkelin Prosessinohjaus Ky (Mikkeli process control), the company specialised in process industry and water supply automation. The unique insight of the early 90s utilizing industrial safety logics in railway systems expanded the company’s business in a decisive way. Since then, Mipro has been a pioneer of railway systems in Finland. Water supply has remained the company’s second main business, and we are currently one of the leading suppliers of water and energy management systems in Finland.



We actively participate in the construction of a clean and secure living environment. We commit to the United Nations Global Compact programme and uphold its ten principles, with the goal of addressing the programme’s 17 sustainable development objectives. 

We champion and respect universally acknowledged human rights, unequivocally rejecting the use of child labour or forced labour within our operations or throughout our entire supply chain. We honour the right of workers to organise and pledge adherence to prevailing collective agreements and regulations. Discrimination is strictly prohibited. 

Respecting individuals’ privacy, we safeguard personal information in accordance with ethical standards and prevailing legislation. 

We neither employ nor endorse inappropriate means. Our operations withstand transparent scrutiny. 


We pledge to uphold high-quality practices and nurture the conditions for quality in the development, production, delivery, and post-delivery support of our products and services throughout their lifecycle. 

Our objective is to meet customer requirements and external regulations without squandering resources or time in our processes. We adhere to our approach and continuously enhance it through measured data, identification of development opportunities, and addressing identified deviations. 

We comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO9001. 


In addition to identifying and meeting external requirements, we consider the environmental impacts in the development, production, maintenance, and life-cycle of our products and services, as well as in the planning of our practices. 

We commit to an environmentally friendly mindset: 

  • Reducing resource waste by improving quality 
  • Promoting digitisation and information movement instead of material or human presence 
  • Supporting our customers’ environmental awareness through our products, services, and their lifecycle services 
  • Emphasising reparability and life-cycle maintainability in our products 
  • Seeking and implementing improvements to reduce our environmental impact in terms of both energy and material consumption. 

While our solutions for customers have the greatest impact on the environment, we also scrutinise our own operations to identify improvement opportunities. 

We comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO14001. 


The users of the systems we provide are often custodians of critical societal infrastructure. Our systems typically have an immediate impact on safety. Safety is crucial to us, and safety management is central. 

In our operations, we secure people, the surrounding nature, property, information, and reputation from harm and accidents, ensuring the continuity and uninterrupted operation of our activities. 

Our safety management consists of producing safety in specific areas and ensuring overall safety. We identify functional safety, information security, electrical safety, occupational safety, and track safety as the most essential safety areas for us. 

We train our staff in our company’s overall safety procedures. We ensure the competence and qualification of our staff by regularly providing business-supportive safety training. 

We continuously identify and assess risks and hazards related to operations, products, and deliveries. We offer our customers safe products and services. 

We ensure information security in accordance with national and international regulations. We adhere to best practices and recommendations related to information security. As key frameworks, we commit to the ISO27001 standard in Mipro Oy’s security management and providing the capabilities required by the IEC62443 standards in customer deliveries. 

The development of information security—planning, implementation, monitoring, and measurement—is continuous and verifiable at Mipro. We protect ourselves from threats through risk assessment, ensuring that implemented protection mechanisms are appropriate and meet the requirements set by business, customers, and legislation throughout their lifecycle. These measures ensure the security of data, information systems, devices, networks, and premises in everyday situations and under special conditions, preventing unauthorized use and unintentional or intentional destruction of data throughout their lifecycle. 

At all levels of the organisation, we commit to promoting a positive and strong safety culture. 

Every mipron has the duty to report safety observations and has an open and irrevocable right and opportunity to address identified safety problems. 

Product development

We put efforts on product development work for a safer future. Mipro invests systematically in future technology enablers that support our business lines: rail traffic, water and energy, industry. The main drivers for our innovation investments are our customers’ needs, market trends as well as foreseen regulatory requirements.


In every situation, we strive to act responsibly, in accordance with the law, and in alignment with our company’s ethical values. If there are any discrepancies in our operations, we wish to be notified.

Within our company, we have implemented a confidential Notification Channel service, through which our personnel and stakeholders can securely report any observed misconduct. You can make a report if you suspect that a crime, wrongdoing, or any other activity contrary to our company’s values has taken place within our organisation.


Mipro Oy is part of the Mipro Group, whose strategic goal is to strengthen its market position and a wider market area. The purpose of our business is to be a leading supplier of rail and water safety systems in Finland and in selected market areas. We develop the best quality and offer new high-quality product solutions based on needs and market prospects.


Privacy at Mipro is part of overall safety, and therefore part of daily operations, deliveries and services. Privacy is maintained at a level in which every person whose personal information is found in our systems, can put a trust in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the said information.


Mipro’s vision is to be the most reliable and well recognised expert in safety related systems and services within its region.

  • We continue to offer our customers solutions, presence, easiness of operations and reliability in an effective way.
  • In the future, we will offer our customers solutions including a significantly higher number of services.
  • We will utilise our innovative and customer-oriented development in the railway and industrial automation business.
  • We will retain and enhance our current position in the domestic market and strengthen our international offering and presence.
  • We will invest in next generation railway traffic management and signalling systems.


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