For safe water and energy

We deliver complete solutions for all modern water and energy supply processes. We accomplish the projects on a turnkey basis covering all the phases from planning to commissioning. Our solutions include:

  • Process automation
  • Process instrumentation
  • Process electrification
  • Control room system
  • Expert and design services
  • Situational awareness system
  • Assets management system
  • Lifecycle management


We master water processes and the requirements to manage water supply operations across plant and
municipal borders, thus providing our customers with substantial cost savings.
Our automation solutions for water and energy processes are based on 40 years’ experience in safety related systems.


Automation system for total management of water supply

The MISONET automation system constitutes the core of our solutions: it has been developed for the control and monitoring of comprehensive water and energy supply processes. The system is based on carefully considered features and software and hardware technology widely used in the industry. Their operational reliability and high performance meet the requirements set by the safe water and energy production and fulfill constantly tightening environmental requirements.

We provide customer-specific MISONET solutions. They include products, services and tools according to the customer’s needs; in addition to an automation system, they might include situational awareness and assets management tools, for example.


Controls over 60 water treatment plants and production units.
Processes over 350 000 000 events a day.
Controls over 1800 facilities.


Our expert services are an integral part of the total MISONET solution. They are designed to support our customers in the development of water and energy supply processes and management practices.

The services are the key to increase the value of the investment and to extend the lifecycle of systems.

By entering a MISONET support service agreement you can ensure maintenance and support services according to your needs.


Water safety and availability as a goal

Customer specific MISONET solutions are planned in collaboration with the customer. This allows to leverage the know-how of both parties in the best possible way: the customer knows the needs and goals of the plant, we know the processes and manage their implementation. Solution planning can cover process planning as well which means that the lifecycle of the system can be taken into account from the very beginning.

The solution planning is a cost-effective approach: thanks to it, overlapping and unnecessary planning phases can be avoided. It also simplifies the procurement and working process of both parties reasonably.


Overall view at a glance

The map-based situational awareness systen provides a real-time view of the situation in the water or energy plant or in the networks. The overall view is composed of the relevant and manageable information visualised on the map and collected from several different systems. The situational awareness system provides the user with necessary information and tools for decision making and through that to efficient operation. Furthermore, it provides

  • more time to react and operate in exceptional situations
  • clear and easily exploitable information to enable better decision making and communication
  • attractive user experience and modular architecture.


Flexibility for maintenance

The cloud-based asset management system is used

  • to track and manage fittings and equipment
  • to plan maintenance actions and schedules and
  • to manage warehouses and events.

The system keeps the important data related to fittings and maintenance always easily available by the explorer and mobile application regardless of time and place.