Privacy policy at Mipro

Privacy at Mipro is part of overall safety, and therefore part of daily operations, deliveries and services. Privacy is maintained at a level in which every person whose personal information is found in our systems, can put a trust in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the said information.

This policy is expanded by privacy statements of records, descriptions of handling data, and instructions and guides on handling said data. These instructions are all an inseparable part of our procedures, which is trained as a part of the orientation for an employee. Separate trainings which are directed towards different duties, are arranged regularly. Policies, goals, methods and instructions are reviewed and updated regularly, in order to improve our capabilities to react to privacy issues and to provide continuity.

Risk management and handling privacy deviations is a part of continuous improvement of our methods, and actions identified in these are carried out and followed upon. Right to access is based on identified duties of personnel, and on agreements signed with interested parties. Data is protected with controls that are scaled upon the criticality of said data.

Roles and responsibilities regarding privacy are assigned in the company. Both national and EU-wide legislation and notices regarding both Privacy and Information Security are followed upon actively. Our framework on developing privacy is General Data Protection Regulation and national legislation.

Mikkeli 5. April, 2018

Privacy registers are available on the following pages: