Register of customers and stakeholders


The data in the register is primarily collected at the beginning of customer relationship and through correspondence with you or company you represent. Personal data regarding data subjects affiliated with stakeholders is received primarily from data subjects themselves, or from public sources.

Part of the support service contact information is collected when forming the service contract, and the rest from support requests and orders.

Data from potential customers can be collected when you express interest to our product and services using phone, email, contact forms on our websites or other similar means. You may have given consent to digital marketing, or taken part in a customer event organized by us.

Data from partakers of our training is collected when registering for the training, and taking part in the training. We may receive personal data from the company or other source you’re affiliated with, if they register you for the training.

Data related to other events held by us is collected from the data you provide us when registering.

Data related to e-mail, and other marketing prohibitions is collected from your own announcement.


Data collected in customer and stakeholder register may be transferred to partners chosen by Mipro in order to fulfill a contract between Mipro and company you represent, for example to carry out orders and subscriptions, or to facilitate work or services between interested parties. Mipro may use subcontractors in order to provide products and services. In these cases, personal data may be transferred to said subcontractors in the detail that is required to provide these products and services. Personal data and contract details may be transferred within Mipro Group and its subsidiaries when it’s related to invoicing.

For customer surveys and marketing research, information may be transferred to partners, and be processed in a system dedicated for this purpose. Confidentiality of your data is important for us, and we always ensure the reliability of our chosen partners and systems they use.

Data related to stakeholders may be transferred inside Mipro Group and its subsidiaries in order to form, maintain or further develop existing agreements.

In some of the trainings we provide we may use experts from third parties. In cases like these, we may transfer personal data, such as your name and information on the company you work for in order to provide the trainer enough information for granting certificates and permits.


Your personal data is not transferred outside EU or ETA, unless it’s necessary for technical reasons in order to provide services. In these cases, we ensure with necessary agreements, that your rights and confidentiality are protected.


Your data may be deleted by your request, or when customer relations end.

Denial to deletion of information due to request, or storing information for durations longer than described in this policy may happen, if archiving the information is required by competent law enforcement body, regulatory authority, government agency or court of law.


Every employee of Mipro Group Ltd. Oy and its subsidiaries have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the company at the time of signing their employment contract. Access to systems containing information of customer and stakeholder register is granted only to those employees, whose duties include handling said information.

Access rights to the systems are granted on personal basis. Data is collected to databases in separated networks, that are protected by firewalls and other methods of filtering and managing the traffic. Systems and databases are located in protected server premises, and access to them is granted only to the persons named to their maintenance.

All possible non-digital information is stored in locked areas, with access granted only to the personnel whose tasks involve handling the information.


You have a right to access, correct, update or request deletion of your data at any time. You have a right to deny transferring and processing your information for marketing and survey purposes. You have right to grant us consent in order to process your information to these purposes.

Denying consent for marketing and survey purposes can be sent to

Other requests are to be sent in writing, complete with your personal signature in to address:

Mipro Oy, Kunnanmäki 9, 50600 Mikkeli, Finland.

Add a comment “Customer and stakeholder register / request” to the envelope.

You can also perform the request personally at the data controllers premises, Kunnanmäki 9, 50600 Mikkeli, Finland. Appropriate identification need to be provided when performing the request in person.

Handling the requests is free, if more than 12 months have passed since last inquiry.

You have a right to file a complaint with a data protection authority about collection and use of your personal data. For more information, contact your local data protection authority.For more information, contact: