Mipro renews signalling systems on the Estonian railways – Mipro’s article published in Rautatietekniikka 4-2018

The leading Finnish trade magazine for railway technology ’Rautatietekniikka’ published in its December issue Mipro’s article describing their on-going project in Estonia to renew the signalling system on the Lääne-Harju track section.

The cooperation project between Mipro Oy and AS Eesti Raudtee covers the modernisation of signalling systems on the track sections Tallinna–Keila–Paldiski, Klooga–Kloogaranna and Keila–Riisipere. The objectives of the project are to improve the safety and maintainability of the track sections and to increase efficiency and the level of automation of traffic management.

Read the article translation here: New traffic management system and signalling system for the Lääne–Harju track section.

Link to the Rautatietekniikka magazine issue 4-2018.