Aki Muinonen, Senior Sales Manager


Currently, Aki works as Senior Sales Manager for Utility business line. Since the spring 2014 to the autumn 2016 Aki had total responsibility for the Water and energy management systems business line including strategy, development and results. Prior to this position Aki worked as a product and project manager for the business line. In his role as product manager, he was responsible for customer accession and product sales, and as project manager he attended to total project management. ”My earlier career path at Mipro trained me well to perform my current challenging and versatile job,” says Aki.

Aki started at Mipro in 1994 as a project engineer. He started his career by planning and installing user interfaces for control rooms before moving on to logic programming, automation and instrumentation planning, and commissioning. Design work is not enough to motivate Aki, but he needs interaction with the customer and concrete ”feedback” from the field. ”Sales is a very challenging area. As project manager, the circle closes and you can see how earlier work stages and the co-operation between different parties has succeeded.”

Aki mentions several comprehensive projects and trainings as important milestones in his career path. These have provided him with knowledge and skills he can use in his daily work. “I greatly appreciate the investment that Mipro makes on developing work processes and on the well-being of people.” Aki himself has actively participated in developing project activities and processes, and he teaches project skills in in-house trainings. ”We need common working models when the number of employees grows and our activities expand. The attitude of people determines how the models are realised and how the quality can be kept at the desired high level.”

In Aki’s opinion, Mipro’s possibilities are infinite. ”The know-how and co-operation of the various business lines guarantee sufficiently comprehensive expertise to keep us at the top of our business lines.”