Overview of the year 2023 

This year, one of the most discussed themes in public discourse has been hostile influencing and cybersecurity. In line with this, our primary focus in safety management has been on information security and its management system, without neglecting other aspects of safety.

Practically every company possesses information that is of interest to external parties. In our industries, information is crucial to the functioning and safety of society, and with that and this sets a high standard for the management of our information security. The best practices learned at work can be applied at home as well; I encourage everyone to maintain their personal information security at the same elevated level as we commit to in our professional tasks. 

On the one hand, information must be kept secure, but on the other hand, the management, distribution, and integration of information create new opportunities for building safe and clean living environment. Our information and integration platform has proven its effectiveness in advanced projects for commercial use. Information in itself does not generate value. Our characteristic areas of utilisation involve retrospective analysis and reporting, as well as future prediction. Learning algorithms can assist human users and mimic their actions based on information. Achieving an acceptable level of integrity for security via cloud technology, along with suitable interfaces for both security and device applications, will enhance the integration and operability of safety-critical applications during usage. 

Quality work and safety management are essential tools for improving our operations. Comprehensive data processing generates continuous improvement measures for both internal processes and their interactions. Systematic risk management, integrated into the operation of all processes, helps uncover structural development opportunities that may remain hidden for continuous improvement. 

Organising work as processes supports orientation and familiarisation with various tasks, creating opportunities for self-directed participation in different tasks. Process control and visibility of work contribute to consistency within and between processes. Self-leadership is crucial for self-direction. Self-direction is not synonymous with solo leadership but rather a conscious commitment to collaboration. Self-leadership requires self-awareness, goal-orientation, and an up-to-date situational awareness. Collaboration between conscious actors and leading one another is based on interaction, combining goals, and situational awareness. Without mutual respect, this is not possible. Respect stems from understanding. The versatility and diversity of a process-driven way of working, both in terms of work content and colleagues, is best demonstrated when we lead ourselves first and then others. 

In the coming year, we will continue to develop both our products and services and our operations to remain competitive and to meet our customers’ expectations. 

I would like to thank all Mipro employees, our suppliers, and partners, as well as our customers, for a successful past year and wish you a peaceful Christmas and a safe New Year. 


Anssi Laakkonen

Managing Director

Anssi’s experience in railways and industrial automation and control systems dates back to the 1980s. He has worked at Mipro since the beginning of the 2010s, most recently as the Managing Director from 2019. Participating in the social debate – and thereby the questions of the green transition and preparedness and continuity – have been part of his daily work with the chairmanship of Raidealan neuvottelukunta’s advisory board.