Centralised train control changes of the Tampere-Seinäjoki track section successfully implemented

In 2019, a modernisation project was started on the Tampere-Seinäjoki railway section, which is considered one of Finland’s main railways. The interlocking of this track section is managed from the Western Finland centralised train control system (TAKO) supplied by Mipro.

Fintraffic Raide Oy (Fintraffic Rail Ltd.), which manages the centralised train control system (CTC), ordered changes to the TAKO system from Mipro to connect a new interlocking. The work included, among other things, new control images and their implementation, as well as the removal of old control images from the system. The changes were made to the system in phases during the interlocking project implementations; thus, it was possible to minimize service interruptions in the centralised train control of this important track section.

Planning of the CTC changes was started together with Fintraffic Raide Oy, Väylävirasto (Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency) and the signalling supplier in the winter 2021. There are often many changes in a large project, as in this one, but they were managed in close cooperation throughout the project with the contractors and the customer. After the internal system test and the system integration test, the commissioning could start in schedule in May 2022, and the last of the five commissioning phases was successfully completed in June 19, 2022. The project was handed over to Fintraffic Raide Oy in August 15, 2022″, says Tomi Rantakangas, Mipro’s project manager.

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