Corporate Responsibility Report 2022 (COP – Communication on Progress) has been published

Mipro is committed to corporate responsibility in accordance with the United Nations Global Compact program (UNGC).

We adhere to ten principles collectively agreed upon in the program, which pertain to:

  • Human rights
  • Employment practices
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Anti-corruption measures.

Mipro submits an annual Corporate Responsibility report to the United Nations detailing its actions and objectives. This report outlines the steps Mipro has taken over the past year to advance the principles of the UN Global Compact program.

Mipro has been a part of the UN Global Compact program and has submitted a Communication on Progress report since 2014.


The Global Compact program is an initiative started by the United Nations in 2000, aiming to fulfill ten collectively established sustainability principles.

For more information about the Global Compact program and Mipro’s previous corporate responsibility reports, please visit the UN Global Compact website.

Mipro is specialised in railway and industrial systems. Our systems are used for safety management in railway and metro services and industry processes as well as for controlling processes in water and energy management.

Mipro is a growing business based in Mikkeli, Finland and operating in the global market. Our customers include the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (Väylävirasto), Helsinki City Transport, Estonian Railways Ltd. and numerous companies in the utilities sector.