GLXS – Global Level Crossing Safety Symposium 2016

The Global Level Crossing Safety & Trespass Prevention Symposium was arranged for the first time in Finland and it was hosted by Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. The symposium takes place every second year and this was the 14th event in succession.

The symposium gathers engineering, safety and security, and law enforcement experts and researchers from the global road and rail business and organisations together to share best practices to improve level crossing safety. There were over 100 participants in this year’s symposium representing various European countries and United States as well.

In the exhibition related to the symposium Mipro presented its level crossing and other safety related system solutions. We have delivered level crossing systems for primary and secondary lines, industry lines and marshalling yards since 1995. The total number of our installations in public railways exceeds 100.

Our level crossing solution is approved by the Finnish Transport Agency and conforms to CENELEC standards EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129 on Safety Integrity Level SIL4.