Joensuu marshalling yard signalling system project completed on time

Mipro has successfully delivered the new signalling system for the Joensuu marshalling yard. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (FTIA) made the procurement decision based on a tender on 7 April 2021, and the Mipro began the project in 2021.

The implemented modernisation project included the delivery of the yard’s interlocking and axle counting systems, signal light units, track signals, and three level crossing systems. The final commissioning and release to traffic of the project was carried out on 14th of December, after which the yard’s control was transferred entirely to Mipro’s new interlocking system. 

“The Joensuu marshalling yard was divided into nine commissioning areas, and the safety equipment were taken into operation in eight different phases over a period of just over a year. The project required the work of several dozen Mipro employees and months of testing periods in factory conditions and in the field. Central to the success of the project was well-planned coordination with the customer and other contractors. As a result of these factors, the signalling system project remained on schedule,” said Mipro Project Manager, Tomi Rantakangas

“The Joensuu project was carried out in close cooperation with the customer, and it was a great success as a continuation of the long-standing cooperation. The good cooperation has continued in the Kuopio marshalling yard project, which was launched during the Joensuu project, where the lessons learned from Joensuu have been able to be utilised in terms of the project and the interlocking product. Alongside the Joensuu project, Mipro’s TCS-O SIL4 interlocking product was further developed. As a new feature, the interlocking system now includes, among other things, EULYNX-standard-compliant interface to the ETCS level 2 radio protection system (RBC – Radio Block Center) and remote control,” said Mipro’s Account Manager for the FTIA, Aki Luostarinen

“The cooperation with Mipro went very well, and we achieved the qualitative and operational goals in the safety equipment project. The safety equipment project to improve the Joensuu marshalling yard was one of the most successful projects that I have been able to lead in the last 12 years. Mipro had very skilled and committed personnel in the project, which had a great impact on the good outcome,” said FTIA Project Manager, Jetro Matilainen


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Väylävirasto – Joensuun ratapiha

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