Mipro ‘s annual audit 2021

Mipro’s year 2021 began in full swing when DNV conducted our periodic audit on the 12-15 January 2021. This year, it was decided to extend the normally three-day evaluation as four days, as we have made significant updates to our quality management system during the year. This one extra day was therefore dedicated to going through the system.

In addition to the functionality and suitability of the system, the evaluation examines many other business issues, such as safety, finance and project processes, human resources management and resourcing. We had made significant improvements since last year’s evaluation and this year the evaluator’s feedback showed how big steps we have taken as a company to improve our operations. Hopefully our example will lead the whole industry towards better quality.

Here are some comments on the evaluation:

  • The quality management system’s improvement project was well implemented and its structure is very high quality and well suited to this particular business.
  • The company’s approach to business from a process perspective could even become benchmarkfor the entire industry.
  • The HR services approach to continuous improvement in resource management supports process thinking and management.
  • The organization understands the use of resources in an advanced way.
  • Clear link between strategy and quality management system.

The overall grade we received from the auditwas 4, which we are really pleased with, as the construction of the system is still partly in progress. So, there is no reason to expect more or less from the next auditthan perfect grade. I will conclude with the words of the auditor: “Good job fellows!”.

More information:

Mika Uunonen

Quality Manager, Mipro Oy

Mipro is specialised in railway and industrial systems. Our systems are used for safety management in railway and metro services and industry processes as well as for controlling processes in water and energy management.

Mipro is a growing business based in Mikkeli, Finland and operating in the global market. Our customers include the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency (Väylävirasto), Helsinki City Transport, Estonian Railways Ltd. and numerous companies in the utilities sector.