Mipro to deliver process automation and instrumentation to Metsä-Sairila’s new waste water treatment plant in Mikkeli

Mipro Oy has entered into an agreement with Mikkeli Waterworks on the delivery of process automation and instrumentation to the new Metsä-Sairila waste water treatment plant. Mipro’s delivery scope includes automation for the Kenkävero input pumping station and Salosaari measurement station as well. The value of the contract is 1.45 million euros. The commissioning of the project is scheduled for the late autumn 2020.

The project is one of the most significant ones in the history of Mipro’s water management sector.

”For Mipro and its water supply business of four decades Mikkeli Waterworks has been an important partner during the past quarter century. We are very pleased that our good cooperation continues in the EcoSairila circular economy project that is essential for the development of the entire South Savo water supply. Mipro’s expertise in automation technology plays a significant role in the project and is thus involved in building of sustainable development and circular economy for Finland,” says Juha Nurmi, Mipro Oy’s Managing Director.

Mipro’s turnkey delivery to the Metsä-Sairila waste water treatment plant includes the MISONET automation system that will be connected as part of the existing automation system delivered by Mipro at the waterworks. Furthermore, the delivery scope includes approximately 250 measuring and analyzing devices that will be connected as part of the automation system. The water processes of the treatment plant and Kenkävero input pumping station connect to the automation through approximately 5000 interfaces. This ensures comprehensive real-time information for the automation to control the treatment process accurately and energy-efficiently.

The treatment process of the new Metsä-Sairila plant is based on the MBR technique and the requirements set for its availability, reliability and treatment results are high. The reliability and high availability of Mipro’s process automation is ensured by comprehensive duplications.

Mipro Oy’s sales manager Aki Muinonen regards it as important that the company can be involved in the project and thus contribute to the development of water and environment safety in the region.

“In order to operate, the modern MBR process of the Metsä-Sairila waste water treatment plant requires an advanced and reliable technical automation solution that meets the high availability requirements. Mipro has implemented an automation, instrumentation and electrification system of the pilot MBR plant for the Kenkävero waste water treatment plant earlier and can make use of the experience gained from it for the Metsä-Sairila solution.”

For us it is positive that Mipro is capable of delivering the automation for the treatment plant’s MBR process as well although it represents a new kind of technology in Finland,” comments Reijo Turkki, Director of the Mikkeli Waterworks, on the project. Further he highlights the fact that the current asset management system delivered by Mipro will be extended to cover the new treatment plant too: “Thus we can avoid maintenance of many systems.

In the contract signing ceremony: Aki Muinonen, Sr. Sales Manager Mipro Oy (left), Tapani Korhonen, Chairman of the board, Waterworks Maijeli Parppei Ramboll CM Oy, Reijo Turkki Director, Waterworks, Pasi Heinonen Ramboll CM Oy.

For further information, please contact: Aki Muinonen, Sr. Sales Manager, Mipro Oy,

+358 44 749 1222, aki.muinonen(at)mipro.fi

Mipro is specialised in railway and industrial systems. Our systems are used for safety management in railway and metro services and industry processes as well as for controlling processes in water and energy management.

Mipro is a growing business based in Mikkeli, Finland, with offices in Oulu, Espoo and Tallinn as well. We operate in the global market, for example in Eastern Europe. Our customers include the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Helsinki City Transport, Eesti Raudtee Ltd. and numerous companies in the utilities sector. Mipro has experience of 40 years in water supply processes and system deliveries.

The new Metsä-Sairila waste water treatment plant of Mikkeli Waterworks is one of the most modern treatment plants in Europe and in the whole world. It has been built inside the bedrock where the process conditions are steady for the treatment of sewage. In this way the disadvantages caused to the environment can be minimized. The new treatment plant replaces the current one located in Kenkävero that was built in the 1960s and has reached the end of its life-cycle now.

The new waste water treatment plant enables versatile research and development activities. The green line clean-tech environment to be built in the connection with the treatment plant will enable world top product development and research related to water purification.

The treatment process in the Metsä-Sairila plant is based on the modern MBR technology and is first of its kind in Finland. The membrane bioreactor, i.e. the MBR process is the combination of an active sludge process and membrane filtration process. Thanks to the membrane units, almost all solids, microbes, micro plastics and a significant part of medicine residues can be removed from the sewage. Furthermore, the process is capable of separating particles of molecular size and even of ion size from water. The phosphorus load causing eutrophication will decrease to one third of the current load.