Mipro’s article published by Signal+Draht

SIGNAL+DRAHT, one of the leading international trade publications for signalling, communication and information technologies in the field of rail transport, has published Mipro’s article in issue 4/2019. The article deals with functional safety in general, and in particular how the company fulfils functional safety requirements in its activities and processes.

Safety management is the key factor in the railway signalling business. That applies to many other industries as well where safety critical applications are required. The requirements set for the implementation of safety critical applications must be always met regardless of the industry and the size of the company.

Implementation of safety critical applications for railway traffic, however, differs from that of other industries because the process of transporting passengers cannot be changed as the automation process of a production line or power plant, for example, when the risk assessment indicates it to be too dangerous. Therefore, the railway signalling system supplier assumes that the highest possible quality and safety requirements are always met on all levels of operations.

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