Kokkola-Ylivieska signalling system project, 2014 – 2017

Mipro has completed one of the most comprehensive signalling system projects ever built in Finland. The project covered – in addition to the existing single-track section – the new double-track section constructed at the Kokkola–Ylivieska railway section, the total length being about 80 track kilometres.

At the Kokkola–Ylivieska double-track section, Mipro’s interlocking system controls the traffic on one of Finland’s busiest railway lines where the trains will reach speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour.

For the Kokkola–Ylivieska track section Mipro delivered its interlocking system that meets the highest safety requirements according to the SIL4 Safety Integrity Level. In addition to the interlocking system Mipro’s delivery included new combined-aspect signals and new Automatic Train Protection (ATP) control lines. Mipro also attended to the open-line installations for the track section and implemented several system interfaces, for example to the traffic control system. The new interlocking system can be controlled locally or via the traffic control centres in Oulu or Seinäjoki.


The signalling system project was delivered over three phases: the first commissionings took place on the track sections (Kokkola)–Matkaneva, Kälviä–Riippa and Riippa–Kannus in 2014; the second main phase covered the double-track from Riippa to Kannus, the commissioning of the second Matkaneva–Kälviä track and the extension of the interlocking system via Eskola up to Sievi.

At the end of 2015, the complete double-track stretched from Kokkola until Kannus.

At the end of 2016, the interlocking system was commissioned in its totality on the new double-track section and up to Karhukangas on the existing track section.

The interlocking system for the entire railway section was in use at the end of September 2017.